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The Great Boab v Blackboy Challenge. with Mark Stothard.

Posted by mervfrench on September 21, 2009

After a bit of a jibe from Mark Stothard , well from me to Mark if the truth be known. The challenge was issued that I had a shot with more Blackboys in it than he had Boab trees in one of his shot’s.

Well you the bloggers are to be the judges so count them if you can.

There’s a lot riding on this so no taking sides ok.   Now if Mark doesn’t post his shot then its a KO.

So here’s my effort. I took this tonight in a howling gale so it might not be pin sharpe but it doesn’t have to be to win !!!!

Check out Marks here.



22 Responses to “The Great Boab v Blackboy Challenge. with Mark Stothard.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Hey mate, I should challenge you to do this sort of stuff more often! This si the best photo I have seen on your blog by a long shot…cracker!

    How many pixels have you saved that as, because mine is way to small to get the detail at 900 pixels?

  2. mervfrench said

    Mark , believe it or not it 35500 wide as a tiff but I saved it as a jpg at 9000 wide or there abouts, its a 12 image stitch.

    I’ve resized it to 3000 wide for the blog. Gotta admit myself it came out better than i thought cause I shot it in a hurry between showers and in a howling gale.

    I’m sure they are around but you don’t see to many stands of these Black boys like this.

  3. Merv.. i think you got it! Yours wins in my book.. sorry Mark!! Thats amazing. So many black boys… are they farming them?

  4. truenorthmark said

    Hi Merv,

    I can count at least 60 Boabs on my shot, but I reckon you have that many blackboys in the left hand corner, so well done mate!!

    Awesome shot again Merv…that is my kinda shot..great light and really sharp etc.

    My large image is up now.



  5. yeah i got to about 45 on Mark’s- but at this size i reckon there were some smaller one’s that can’t easily be picked up. but still i think you’ve got it well and truly in the bag. haha

    that’s a freekin hell of a lot of blackboys hey!

  6. Merv, that is amazing, you are the winner for sure!

  7. Nice lot of Grass trees Merv.
    Give them a burn, and watch them produce their magic.

  8. Sorry Mark, the stand of Grass trees looks brilliant. Like a heard of Buffalo. Thumbs up for the Merv

  9. Cracker shot Merv. Beautiful light.
    Blog will be up and running today!

  10. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv awesome image, get back there if you can and shoot it again if your worried about it not being sharp enough.
    Fantastic piece of land, take me when you go!
    Im on holidays for 2 weeks!!


  11. Blogs up and running now Merv!

  12. mervfrench said

    Thanks everyone good bit of fun and I’m pleased how the shot came out , much better than I expected. It was quite windy and you can see that on the black boys themselves which looks rather neat I think.
    You can see the Three Amigos from the last post in the bottom left hand side.

    Do yourself a favour and jump over and have a look at David Bettini’s new blog. Click on his name in the post above.

    I’ve admired his work for a while now and he has a couple of great books out.
    I’ve got a feeling we are going to see some great images from him as time goes on.

  13. Tony Middleton said

    I reckon you got him Merv – that looks incredible ! For me it’s weird to see them (and so many) with green grass under and around them.

  14. craig chiswell said

    Yes Mark, you would have to concede to that terrible onslaught of blackboys by Merv, quite a shallacking you’d have to say. Although it was hard to count what looked like boab trees on the hills but with no branches? Great challenge lads.

  15. craig chiswell said

    Has anyone seen the new Google Wave coming out, gunna make blogging so much more interactive, and something special for photogs too.

  16. Congrats on your big win Merv! And thanks for giving my blog a great plug! Cheers for that!

  17. Congrats on the win Merv … I guess i came in late … I lost count so many times trying to do a blackboy count on this image ….

    magic spot and very nice capture as well Merv ….

  18. So whats the next challenge going to be Merv? Do you and Mark have a common theme to compete on? When you find one you should build it up for at least a few days to maximize our anticipation!

  19. mervfrench said

    Not sure on the next challenge Dave. i might have hit on a bit of luck with this one.

    Mark might want a challenge on who’s got the biggest boat, then I’m stuffed I think.

    I’ve dropped you a email about the books mate.

  20. Yea but I reckon you’ve got the biggest farm! And the most fuel efficient helicopter! Merv mate you have a great sense of humour! He he he

  21. man thats alot of Black boys! or “grass trees” to be politically correct lol Like your new header nice work.

  22. mervfrench said

    Thanks Will.

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