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AND THE WINNER IS….drumroll……

Posted by mervfrench on September 18, 2009

Well  I’ve been busted by  Racing and Gaming for running an illegal comp, seems I didn’t have a permit.

So there are no winner’s , no one gets a ride in that magnificent machine , but as they say everyone’s a winner here.

For the record it was taken at 3 oclock in the afternoon and it was me weaving my magic in Photoshop that fooled several of you, and me as well cause I have no idea how I did that but I sort of like it.

But wait …there’s more.

I did manage to win the CBH photo comp at the recent WA machinery field days with this shot.

Bit of a joke really bcause it was taken 5 years ago  on my old G5 point and shoot as a quick snap during seeding.

I ran Christians Action over it to sharpen and saturate it , entered it and it won.

Fits the theme I guess which was  the progress of farming.

This is not the shot that I entered , well it is but I did a little  bit more work to that one , vignette etc , but I can’t find the actual image that went in, I think I might have scrapped it.

Anyway it looked almost exactly like this.

Canderloros 8 016

9 Responses to “AND THE WINNER IS….drumroll……”

  1. Merv mate you’re a fraud! The Racing and Gaming line seems like a distraction as I have heard rumours that CASA has grounded your new helicopter!

    Congrats on winning the comp. Like the old and new in the above shot.

    BTW living in Northam does that mean you come from a farming background?

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks Dave. Yep I was farming till a couple of years ago, but decided on a change of life.
    But you know what they say ” you can take the boy outa the country but you can’t take the country outa the boy .”
    Your from a station I believe, look forward to catching up one day, we can chat about sheep.

  3. I used to live on a sheep station. I’ve been based in Perth now for the last 5 years

  4. truenorthmark said

    Hope you’re not a Kiwi Merv…talkin about sheep and all!!

  5. Awesome Merv, well done would’ve liked to see the competition winner but it’s only a matter of time, hey it’ll be published somewhere. Now I know where the sheep thing comes from, by the way the Hawaiian Burger I treated myself to as the winner of your last comp (@ Alfred’s) just last week was pretty awesome too.

  6. Everyone’s a winner @ Alfred’s. I keep forgetting about them sometimes living so close. Then I remember and it’s always so good…

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