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Moonlight Silo’s ?

Posted by mervfrench on September 14, 2009

Your question is……

Were these grain silo’s shot in the middle of the night under a full moon or the middle of the day under full sun.

The only hint is it was very cold.

First prize is a ride in the new True North chopper on it’s maiden flight.

Comments good and bad are welcome.


14 Responses to “Moonlight Silo’s ?”

  1. looks like middle of the day?, nice symetrical image Merv, maybe a bit more silo or a bit less sky?

  2. Hey Merv
    I’m not sure if your hint is a very good. At this time of the year the wheatbelt is very cold both during the day and at night! Wouldn’t have a clue when it was taken but seeing as the chap before said daytime I’m gonna say middle of a moonlight.

    So which one of us wins the free flight in your new helicopter!

  3. mervfrench said

    Oh Dave you’ve blown the surprise.

    !st prize is a ride in the new eggbeater on its maiden flight, now everyone will want to enter.

    Dave you need to start a blog mate. I’ve admired your work for quite a while now and would like to see more of it.

    Andrew, I cropped a bit off the bottom cause it was all black and everyone gets into me when there’s to much waste top or bottom.

  4. well i’m gona go night…. due mainly i guess to the tags you’ve given it 😛

    but if you’ve thrown them in to throw us- i guess it worked haha

  5. ecomuseimages said

    Hmmm….given the softness of the shadows and the angle they are on, its a nightime shot.

  6. truenorthmark said

    I am thinking night as well Merv…can I get the ride mate can I!!!

  7. mervfrench said

    The competition will stay open for a few days.

    Things are hotting up , and why not, this is a much sort after never to be repeated prize, you could be part of history. If Mark wants it it must be good !!

  8. katieleigh said

    if this is taken in the middle of the night… wow

  9. Hey Merv

    I’m gonna think outside the box….
    Is the pic a composite? Maybe the sky is during the day and the silos at night?

  10. Christian said

    day time shot as the clouds haven’t streaked! Plus you don’t like the dark and/or are too lazy to go out and get a night pic!! Also you are probably too pissed at night to drive, unless this is in your back yard, still I say Day.

  11. I’ll go with day, with a B+W layer blended in ala Matt lauder recent Harbour Bridge image. Jut let me know when you want the address to sent the tickets too!

  12. Sorry Matthew, I was the first one in with the day guess so tickets will have to come over to Victoria. Hope the eggbeater makes it over here to pick me up Merv!!!…..

  13. Stakky said

    check the metadata!!! great shot by the way

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