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Low Flying…..

Posted by mervfrench on August 25, 2009

I had a job shooting the Targa Rally on the weekend which was something different. A wide variety of cars  competing on tarmac and not dirt around the out skirts of the metro area. The eventual winner in the modern comp class was a Nissan GTR driven by Steve Jones  ( Warren Jones , Bondys right hand man in the eighties was his father ) Now there were 2 of these cars in the rally and they were streets ahead of their class rivals  because they almost fly. I’ve never seen one of these racing before but man do they go.

Sat. was a rather difficult day as it rained all day. Trying to hold an umbrella in one hand ,  and a camera with a 70-200 in the other ,  and shoot cars flying past doesn’t give a big hit rate ,  but anyway here’s a couple of shots of these two cars.


11 Responses to “Low Flying…..”

  1. Need a bit of the old CF grit filter. That will spunk em up.

  2. matthewinman said

    Well done Merv, rally photography can be hard, at the end of a long lens the cars just seem to come at you so much faster.

    CF grit filter? Another t-shirt on the way?

    Please explain..?

  3. mervfrench said

    Yeah Matthew they do come at you faster, especially when they are coming at you at 200 klicks to start with.

  4. matthewinman said

    I used to take photos as a road closure official at rally OZ. I’d be behind a tree or a log well before the cars got anywhere close until I got used to it again every year. With Targa you get to practice on the slower cars first, in the bush it was ‘nutters first’. A nissan won last year too.

    You’ve managed to track the cars very well, I’d be glad to join you next year. Fletcher could join us and get some gravel rash as well!

  5. really like the first image Merv- very nice.
    looks like a great time- despite the challenging conditions!

  6. ecomuseimages said

    Great shots mate. You have captured just enough motion to indicate speed yet they are pin sharp. I notice the VIP Petfoods boys sponsor a wide range of race cars, as they had a big team in this years Aus Safari and a runner in the WAORC as well.

  7. Nice shots, yeah steve won last year too, and the quinn gtr was qisqualified because it had a modified exhaust and still lost lol.

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