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It was a dark and stormy night……

Posted by mervfrench on August 11, 2009


Fiddling around with a couple of old Cott shots and come up with this.  I like it  but the masses will decide I’m sure .

So go on hit me with it ….is it any good ?

16 Responses to “It was a dark and stormy night……”

  1. Hey Merv. I like it. Nice colours and a nice moody sky.

  2. truenorthmark said

    Hi Merv,

    Yes i like it mate!



  3. truenorthmark said

    The clouds certainly have some great colours in them!

  4. very different to the usual shots of this place- which usually works well! i really like the atmosphere as well! nice work Merv

  5. Peter Hodgson said

    Very nice, Horizon ?
    Maybe Knock a touch off the left as well, But thats just my opinion.

  6. KhenG said

    wow… really really love the dramatic sky. Image is nice and sharp too. Absolutely stunning!!!

  7. A really nice image Merv, love the colour and the atmosphere. Wouldn’t mention the horizon (Sometimes they can be too straight) but the Tea Rooms looks like it’s falling over! I’m having the same problem with a waterfall at the moment.

    One question, did you get that sky in Lab mode?

  8. thumbs up from me Merv.

  9. Great stuff Merv. Those stormy clouds really make the shot.

  10. Hi, very dramatic – got my vote Merv.

  11. sharon said

    Very moody and striking image, love it.

  12. not bad, watch the blown highlights in the clouds, might benefit from a vignette to focus in on the Tea house. Overall pretty solid effort Merv.

  13. mervfrench said

    Sounds like a true judges comment Fletch… didn’t give it a score though.

  14. Good comeback, here and on another blog I notice.

  15. kirkhille said

    Love that sky Merv looks a bit different with out the old pylon there now

  16. katieleigh said

    i love the sky, very emotive. your take on this landscape is a bit different to the other ones seen, i appreciate that a lot 🙂

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