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“Are we having any fun yet”

Posted by mervfrench on August 8, 2009

A few shots from last weeks Avon Decent, looks like everyone is having a ball…not.

The water level was a bit lower this year compared to the last couple with last year being at almost record highs.

The Channel 7 heli pilot got into the spirit of things when he took off from next to us.  He must have pulled and twisted every handle he had hold of , that’s a technical term for the laymen amongst you. When he went  he really went up up away  as fast as I’ve seen a chopper get up and go.

This event could be just the thing for international man of mystery and adventure  Mark Stothard.









10 Responses to ““Are we having any fun yet””

  1. Tony Middleton said

    cool shots from the day Merv, I can’t say that the water level or temperatures would be appealing or fun to me though. haha

  2. truenorthmark said

    Great shots Merv!

    I have already done the Avon 4 times mate! twice in single kayaks and twice in double kayaks.

    It is great to do, but even better when it is over! The last time I did it I lost about 5 kilos over the weekend!

    Your shots bring back vivid memories!



  3. third image from top- “I’m sure that’s not an ideal place to sleep!” lol
    nice shots

  4. Yep, ’bout as much fun as snow skiing in mud I reckon.

  5. Good shot of the Squirrel, better than the photos on

    They need a hobie kayak, pedal power, they are awesome.

  6. Christian said

    I think Mark has done a few of these events, as for me I like warm fluffy things. Forget that stuff. Good captures in challenging lighting conditions.

  7. truenorthmark said

    Let me tell you Tom, the hobbie pedal power boats would not make the first rapid with the paddles hanging underneath the boat!!

    The last canoe I used was foam sandwich and even that copped a flogging on the rocks. They use Kevlar and Carbon fiber these days.



  8. katie said

    haha I love the expression on everyone’s faces, you look like you’re having a really smooth ride 😉 oh well, I’m sure it was a laugh anyway, good pictures!

  9. Great stuff Merv. I love the photo of that guy just lying back looking like he is aslepp. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson

  10. mervfrench said

    Thanks for the comments everyone……great.

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