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Let There Be Light

Posted by mervfrench on June 27, 2009


Went out for an early morning run a couple of weeks ago  and came back with this one.

I took the shots and then moved on because I was actually after something else but after I got home and  stitched it I had a look and thought I should have stayed around a bit longer and got a few different  angles and compositions. I have a couple more but they are from pretty much the same angle.   I’ll wait for the next foggy morning and revisit here I think.

I haven’t put much time into processing this ( I’m a minimalist ) So any ideas on different processing are welcome.

22 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  1. Peter Hodgson said

    Theres a real heavenly feel to this image, I can imagine it would be what a deceased person might see if they were being carried into the church in the coffin just before being buried. haha…. good composition too.

  2. Yep left me speechless when I thought of it , Every picture tells a story as they say.

  3. Awesome work Merv,
    You’ve managed to keep the highlights without completely blowing it out. Good composition, if you gave this to CF he’d spunk it right up.

  4. Tony Middleton said

    nice one Merv ! definitely worth a revisit next foggy morn (not that there is anything wrong with this version) !

  5. Christian said

    Merv, probably your best work yet, I would get rid of the cloud in the top left corner or lighten it. Is a bit distracting, otherwise it is pretty much perfect, well done.

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks mate…coming from an APPA winner, I’m wrapped with that comment.

      The top left corner was the thing that was a bit of a worry so I’ll get rid of it one day.

  6. My favourite image of yours Merv. Stand out.

  7. matthewinman said

    This is a really nice image Merv. Nice and moody, the compositions great, is it in colour or have you added a sepia tone? Let the light come forth!

  8. Merv, this is outstanding and my most favourite shot of yours. Well done!!!

  9. mervfrench said

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I’ve got hundreds of images better than this……yeah right….I wish !!!!!

  10. loving it merv … great capture!! I’d certainly hang this on my wall! Any chance of a silhouette of ET on the horizon?

  11. muzz said

    What a cracking shot Merv! Stick a bride and groom in there somewhere and you could have an APPA yourself!

  12. katie said

    wow, what an awesome capture merv. i think the light adds something a little different, it’s very eerie/holy which is an interesting combination. this is a great photo, definitely one of my favourites. you should try this place at different times of the day.

  13. abscenes said

    Hi Merv, this shot is a pearler. At first glance I thought that there was a bride to the right of the stairs? Maybe a ghost bride? Awesome shot though.

  14. kirkhille said

    Great shot Merv , definitely my favorite of yours as well love the light shining through and the shadows

  15. danproud said

    that’s a great image!

  16. mattlauder said

    Great shot Merv, a shot that would great printed and hanging in your house.

  17. Sean Stak said

    mate this is unreal, absolutely brilliant one of your best. I went to this church 2 months ago and got shit all but i think id better get the hell back there after seeing this!

  18. bryceworld said

    Get the hell back to church – haha love it!

    This is a pretty cool shot merv. Did it feel easy to do? I know when i get my wow shots printed i remember shooting them, and because it all came together it wasn’t really that hard.. Just like musicians I spose when they say the song just came out of nowhere.. I didn’t even feel like i wrote that, it just happened..

  19. Very Nice Merv!! Ive got a shot on my site of this church is a nice little spot, Love everthing about this shot well done.

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