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High and Wide.

Posted by mervfrench on June 20, 2009

I was lucky enough to go up on top of the Central Park building in Perth the other day. I  was up there for a while  but the building manager was not keen on me going over to close to the sides with a camera, something about loose objects and them falling, as if I was going to let my 5d mk2 go, but anyway I talked him around and got a few seconds at the edge and snapped this hand held in a hurry. I was actually quite happy to come back from the side as it made me a bit weak in the knees, it’s a bloody long way down and I started to think of buildings falling over and aeroplanes and all sorts of things.  There’s not much of an edge on top , a bit below waist height and no railing.

PT GUI made a good job of stitching this as the boats were moving  but you can’t see any bad stitch’s, well I hope you can’t, I didn’t study it closely but it look’s pretty good at a glance.

And yes the horizon is a bit off  and I could have straightened it  but well…………..



Perth frm Central Pk   1 Panorama

One Response to “High and Wide.”

  1. I’m in Sydney now Merv and this shot brings home to me how big this place really is, makes Perth look like a back water. I don’t know how people stand it here with the cars and humanity!!

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