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Still on Ranges and Hills

Posted by mervfrench on May 20, 2009



North East of Newman on the Marble Bar Rd you’ll find these group of flat top hills . As we went through there it was mid afternoon so I stopped and grabbed a quick hand held pano of 6 shots and then kept going. Its good area to be going thru at the right time of day as you drive thru one group of these and its nice piece of the Pilbara area of North Western Australia.

3 Responses to “Still on Ranges and Hills”

  1. I like the composition, and if you give it a bit of Christians styling in photoshop you can scmick this image right up.

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks Thomas. Yeah I really need to do some work on the sky as that’s what’s letting it down. Not sure that I want to copy what Christian does but I know what you mean, he could make this look pretty good I’m sure.

    Christian are you out there!!!!!

  3. Very nice Merv, really like it. Has a nice natural look, yeah it could be really shining with a bit of photoshop, but it is still lovely. Will be in the Pilbara in two weeks time!

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