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The aforementioned beef stew.

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2009


Here it is.  I know you’ll all want to try this at home, but it won’t work , for some strange reason it only works when you are camping. 

 FIRST     Open a can of beer.

Ingredients:    Beef  ( any kind )

                         Vegetables  ( any kind )

                         1 packet French Onion Soup  ( any kind)

                         Beer   ( Approx 6 cans  any kind )

                          Seasoning to taste. ( any kind )


Method:      Open another  can of beer.

                       Get some coals from the main fire and set a small cooking fire.

                        Chop up the beef,  if you drop any in the dirt don’t worry just

                        brush it off and biff it in.

                       Add a bit of oil to your camp oven, not engine oil , cooking oil.

                        ( you must have a camp oven for this)

                      Throw in the beef , brown it a bit,then add a bit of water.

                      Open another can of beer.

                      Chop up the vegies and biff them in as well ( as above if you drop any )

                      Throw in the packet of French onion Soup

                      Add a bit of beer   ( open another one if you have drunk the first 3 )

                     Put the camp oven on a low coal fire ( see  picture for idea )

                     It needs to just tick over , sort of ..blup…blup….blup.

                     Open another can  and sit around the camp fire.

                     Keep an eye on the camp oven stirring every 2 cans or so.

                    Biff in a bit of  Gravox towards the end  ( any kind )

                    Season to taste.

                    Open another can,

 Serve with crusty bread ( it’s probably crusty by now cause you’ve been in the bush for 5 days), and wash it down with another beer.

 It will taste great by this stage , trust me. You’ll be that hungry you’ll eat anything.

Keep the left overs ( if any ) and it will be even better the next morning


3 Responses to “The aforementioned beef stew.”

  1. Peter Hodgson said

    Looks and sounds bloody delicious…. Got me thinking about my next trip.

  2. mervfrench said

    Yeah soon as I start looking at these shots it’s out with the map and look for the next desert trip.

    I wonder if I should take up food photography, that shot wouldn’t be out of place in Gourmet Traveller.

  3. Didn’t see you audition for Master Chef.
    I know when you are out camping you appreciate any food.

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