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Up Close and Personal.

Posted by mervfrench on May 5, 2009





Not often you get close to these birds, they are rather cagey about things.  This one landed in a tree at the back of our house and I’d been hiding there for days waiting for him to come in and land. He waited till I took a couple of shots then moved on.

No… I know I didn’t fool you with that  story ….here’s the true story.

We were at a show and a bird handler had him on display. He was very quite as you can see and a great sight to get up close to and have a good look. I love how majestic these birds are and If I come back as a bird I want to come back as one of these. A lot of our neighbours have shot these birds over the years as they have a reputation as killers of new born lambs, fox’s do more damage than these will ever do.  I’ve never seen one attack a new born lamb and I’ve never fired a shot  at one, but I’ve spent some time just watching them glide around the sky.

Pretty hard to get a good snap  with a lot of people hanging around him , this is the best I managed.







This was his little mate , he looked like he just wanted to go home.. He didn’t get much attention as the big fella hogged the lime light.

I felt sorry for him so I snapped him as well and now he gets his 15min of fame.

8 Responses to “Up Close and Personal.”

  1. Luke Austin said

    Beautiful shots, particularly the first one.
    You had me at the start of your story. I was mighty impressed. Though I still was once you gave us the real story. Awesome creatures.

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks Luke … you might see the Bald Eagle on your trip somewhere maybe.

  3. nice work Merv
    love the eagle! they are the most beautiful birds!

    it has to be one of the more memorable moments you can experience at the Stirlings. where they quite regularly fly around you on the summits.
    i have had 6 soaring round me on the eastern peaks. you can’t help but sit there in awe! 🙂

    ever seen them up close take off??
    quite scary hey! they nearly hit the ground when they take off from the top of a tree. and take forever to take off from the road side.

  4. Chas said

    Great bird shot.

    You neally had me with the story LOL.

  5. Peter Hodgson said

    A very regal look in his eye, the eye in the sky as they say.

    Might have been better if you had gotten rid of the distracting tree branch & used a Nikon of course.

  6. Peter Hodgson said

    Hey…… Marian said that if you came back as one of these eagles you would need a huge wing span to get you of the ground. LOL.

  7. mervfrench said

    Imagine if I came back as a willy wagtail……..

  8. kirkhille said

    Great shots Merv ,
    Love the top shot of the egale the details amazing

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