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I know, you don’t have to tell me…..

Posted by mervfrench on March 19, 2009



 I’ve shot a couple of weddings lately ( hey it helps pay for gear ok ) and to say it is an enjoyable experience is debatable as I’m sure some of you know only too well.  I’ve done a few family gigs in the past and they have been ok  but when it’s for other’s the pressure is on. You only get one chance and it’s not there tomorrow to go back and shot it again.

Having said that I’d most likely do it again if asked because there is some satisfaction in it all if you discount the blood sweat and tears.


This is one that I like , after a little play around with it, and the couple think that it is great so smile’s all round……phew!!!!

10 Responses to “I know, you don’t have to tell me…..”

  1. Don’t do it Merv, quit now while you still can 😉

    Nice image though 🙂

  2. matthewinman said

    I’ve done two weddings for friend’s Merv, the first I found out about on the night when I was handed an unfamiliar camera and told what was actually going on. No one but the couple knew so it was a surprise for all the guests including the parents. It’s a really nice photo by the way, should do the couple proud. Have a few beers, you’ll soon get over it!

  3. sally said

    Loverly shot

  4. Donelle said

    Gorgeous pic Merv!! I love a good wedding!! I think this pic is gorgeous and the couple were very lucky to have you take their piccies!!! 😉

  5. Really nice Merv, maybe the flowers could be stronger in colour but overall nice work dude.

  6. mervfrench said

    Thanks Neal. I didn’t spend much time on it as they only really wanted a record of the day so i just added a couple of simple things like this.

  7. sharon said

    I really like these kind of pictures you have done it very well.

  8. Hi Merv,

    I REALLY like this shot. Maybe you’ve found your calling? 😉


  9. James said

    Nice shot,

    Try a vignette you might like it.

  10. mervfrench said

    Thanks James and Jamie.

    James, I did put a vignette on the version that the was sent to the couple but not this one ,it looked good.

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