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Posted by mervfrench on March 6, 2009

Merv French is pleased to announce the safe arrival of little Canon 5d mk2 on the  5/3/2009 weighing  810grms

A brother for Canon 40d.  We would like to thank the Canon Company for their assistance.

A big thanks to the Doctors and Nurses at Camera Electronic’s Stirling St clinic for their care and attention.

Father is over the moon, Mother not impressed ( she wanted a new fridge).


4 Responses to “A NEW ARRIVAL……”

  1. matthewinman said

    Congratulations Merv, have you given it a name yet?

  2. Donelle said

    Congrats Merv, you must be so proud!! haha 🙂

  3. Sean Stak said

    you adults and your cash. I need a job! Enjoy the mk2. Give it a name and an allocated area of your bedroom.

  4. Belated congrats Mervman.

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