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Farmland with Sheep

Posted by mervfrench on March 3, 2009

sheep-After having a look at Neil’s latest I thought I’d throw this one up with sheep in it , as that seems to be the prerequisite  to a farmland scene according to some. Not sure why because beach shots don’t seem to need fish in the scene.

 Anyway  Fletch seems to have this thing about  sheep and lambs so maybe this is one he will approve of. Could it be that he has Kiwi blood in him somewhere along the line Hmmmm ?

Canon 40d   24-70 @ 50   8 image stitch


15 Responses to “Farmland with Sheep”

  1. matthewinman said

    I likes it very muchly, reminds me of a scene from ‘Black Sheep’ which is a fantastic movie (very noire comedy) well worth a watch:). If this was a stitch how did you get the blighters to stay still or did you just work fast?
    PS Thanks for the semi confirmation on the new pano techniques (re: Fletch’s Blog). That PT GUI is kind of amazing!

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks Matt.
    I gave them all a hand full of oats and told them not to move until I said so, and they were all very good except one , i’ll let you find that one!!!

  3. Christian said

    Merv I truly think this is brilliant. Your best ever and it’s not because I just love sheep.

  4. mervfrench said


  5. matthewinman said

    I think I’ve found the naughty one, quarter of the way in from the right, head moved either up or down, two heads, one body. If I’m right I’ll award myself a burger from Alfred’s.

  6. mervfrench said

    Duck down and get yourself a steak burger with the lot,,,and put it on my tab, your the winner Matt.

    That sheep is now in the freezer.

  7. matthewinman said

    Serves it right, non compliance in a sheep, can’t be having with that. Better that it’s in the freezer with the promise of some mint sauce on it’s horizon (ha,ha!):)

  8. Donelle said

    I love the sky in this pic Merv, I like the sheep but I prefer cows!! haha

  9. Cool shot Merv, stitched really well. I like the overall mood of the scene.

  10. Shit Buddy, Youv’e out done yourself. Now you just need to get your filters organised.
    Was this with the new toy ? It looks a bit noisy.

  11. Great work Merv,
    Anyone who can stitch any group of any animals has done a great job.

    Congrats on the 5D MKII.

  12. kirkhille said

    nice shot Merv ,
    brings back memorys from when we had the farm up at Ajana .

  13. James said

    Makes me think of this. 🙂

  14. That was a top flick, the Kiwi’s make a good splatter movie:)

  15. mervfrench said

    Hey Matthew, they make some movies close to the bone as well, like Once were Warriors. That was a shockingly brutal movie because it was too real.

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