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Hamburger Heaven

Posted by mervfrench on February 19, 2009


I snapped this shot at 7.30 tonight driving past  Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford, ( a drive by shooting) the place was goin off!!!   If the time is right we often stop here for something to eat on the way home and it is always busy. Not hard to see why,  it is a bit of a legend place and the food is pretty damn good.  I’m sure if the golden arches were to build over the road this place would still drag in the punters , which in my opinion is a bloody good thing, stuff the golden arches. I saw a story in the West earlier this week that these place’s are coming back in a big way and it’s certainly true here, although I don’t think this one  ever  went away. If you are ever coming back thru Guildford after a night out taking a few pics or whatever out that way , then do yourself a favour and call in , I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


6 Responses to “Hamburger Heaven”

  1. give me a whopper any day!

  2. mervfrench said

    A whopper is better than a big mac but a good burger place such as this one beats them all hands down. In the winter time this place does a pretty mean pea and ham soup.

    I reckon Neal would be into this.

  3. I have visited this place a few times but not of late, good food. I wish there was many more places like this. I miss the Strand on Murray St and the hamburger place that used to be on Mount St all since long gone. You cant go past a good burger. My first stop in SF is always Pearls Diner, Taylors Refresher does an awesome burger as does Fat Burger. Sadly in Perth good burger places are few and far between, but great news Merv that they are coming back. I will have to keep a better eye out for some and you’ll have to keep us informed as well.

    Did you make it last night to the exhibition, they was a good crowd there. I had to leave early but was hoping to meet you there.

  4. mervfrench said

    Yeah Neal that place on Mount St was Bernies.
    In the good old days of youth, we used to go down to the Claremont Speedway on Fri nights ( 3hr round trip) and then to Bernies afterwards as nearly everyone from the speedway went there as well. Then we would head home not getting back till 3am or later then jump up at 6 and go to work. If I went to the speedway now I’d have to go home to bed a 9 o’clock, well maybe 10, but all that noise………

    I was there last night and I saw you with the backpak on and thought you must have been going to get a pano of the exhibition. I intended to catch up with you but when I went looking you had disappeared.

  5. matthewinman said

    I thought you had taste Christian, living in South Guildford this is the only place I’d go for a burger.

  6. Neal and I had a burger here after a shoot a few weeks ago

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