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From the Ocean to the Desert

Posted by mervfrench on February 18, 2009


Desert Sunrise

Desert Sunrise


From the beautiful Cottesloe beach and the waves of Yallinup , to the desert , 300 km east of Kalgoorlie.  No fancy Photoshop here, this 100% mother nature  in the raw, as it should be with a sunrise like this IMHO.

Hard to say which I like best. While I can happily sit and daydream at the beach my heart is in the bush, mainly because out here, you have it all to yourself. No noise, no lights no cars, …NO NUTHIN….just tranquility…ahhhh can’t you just feel the tranquility.   ” Take me home country road…………

9 Responses to “From the Ocean to the Desert”

  1. Ahhhh the serenity ! Truly stunning shot Merv, should come as no surprise that I love it and agree with you on the bush. Unspoiled untouched desolate desert magic! That is a real desert style sunrise as well, don’t think I’ve seen anything like that except in outback WA and NT.

  2. very very nice Merv!
    and yes, it is the best way to experience these sort of scenes- basically by yourself with no dickheads to ruin it! 🙂

  3. Michael said

    I`m feelin it Merv, don`t take me home country road get me the @#$% out of Perth! I would love to be in Pilbarra right now looks very green with all the rain they have been having, drive safely in + down to Mandurah on Saturday mate.

  4. mervfrench said

    Thanks Stephen

    Michael I’m wishing that I was in the Pilbara right now myself, there would be some fantastic shots to had I’m sure.

  5. Who wants to go to the Pilbara next week??? Would be an awesome trip wouldn’t it.

  6. katie said

    Wow, the sky looks like it’s ablaze (if that’s a word)

    Really nice composition and colours, what camera are you using?

  7. mervfrench said

    Thanks Katie for the visit. I have a Canon 40d at the moment

  8. katie said

    40d, ooo, you’re one up from me (or a few). I have the 1000d, but I don’t know if it’s worth going somewhere inbetween before the 5d? Is the 40d nice to work with? 🙂

  9. mervfrench said

    Thanks Katie. I have the 40d and have added the 5d mk2 to the collection as well. The 40 d is a great camera and worth the money as is the 50d , have a look at that as well. If your thinking of upgrading and can hang on both those cameras are due for replacement, when, I’m not sure but check around the net for info and If iI was getting another camera of this model I’d wait for the upgrade.

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