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About Time…..

Posted by mervfrench on February 6, 2009


Summer at CottesloeYes all 2 of you have been hanging out for another picture so here it is. This was taken at Cottesloe Beach a couple of weeks ago.

This beach  is a favourite  of mine and one we  visit when ever we can, in fact the family had holidays here for many years when I was a young whipper snapper. This is probably a calendar type shot with little processing  but it shows the beach as it is and as I like to remember it.

14 Responses to “About Time…..”

  1. Michael said

    Merv it`s you, it`s really you I`m so glad you`re alright! o how I`ve missed you. Nice image, must`ve been the same day Dylan, Clint and Luke were shooting at the Narrows. Did that email get to you in the end?

  2. nice scene Merv, needs more colour. Oh and what an opportunist you are!!!

  3. lukeaustin said

    Really nice shot Merv. Different composition to the norm and it works well. Love those clouds too.

  4. dan proud said

    Those clouds are insane!!! Not sure about the angle of the waterline though, maybe a bit distracting. Great shot!

  5. Dylan Fox said

    Yeah the beach seems quite pale…. I agree with fleth it just seems a bit dull…
    I really like this angle though! I tried a similar shot back a couple years!

  6. mervfrench said

    I’m gunna have to recalibrate my screen. I’m looking at it now on another computer and it sure is dull compared to my sreen at home.
    I’ll do it this week and repost it. thanks for the comments.

  7. ok Merv – I haven’t left the building … new job, new wife etc etc … just lazy as well I guess! Anyway, have now posted something. Thanks for the kick up the arse!!

  8. Thanks for your comment Merv – have just worked out how to get it to full screen as well. The clouds are great in this one mate!!

  9. Sean Stak said

    mmmm i like it a lot. Your right it shows the beach as i know it.

  10. nice one Merv, i like it.
    seems everyone was out getting pics of those clouds!! 🙂

    no problems about you being a photographer around swimmers??
    quite a few people get touchy when you have a camera around them.
    you don’t even need to point it in there direction!!

  11. mervfrench said

    I know that can be an issue Stephen but I just bowled up and took the picture and no one blinked an eyelid.

    i think anyone with common sense would see what it was about.

    But you know what they say about common sense…it’s not very common.

    Thanks for the visit, I must add you to my blog list.

  12. Thats a different view of the Cott that I havent seen before. Those clouds are impressive.

  13. that’s good then!

    i got completely stared down by a bloke at greens pool one day. didn’t take his eyes off me, and made it no secret he was watching me..
    i didn’t even have the camera out of the bag, was in the middle of the rocks (not slinking round the bushes) and was with my girlfriend…

    couldn’t believe it hey. quite pissed me off as a matter of fact!
    but as you said the common part of common sense is what is usually lacking

  14. mervfrench said

    Thanks Matt.

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