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Holidays and no post’s update.

Posted by mervfrench on December 30, 2008

Hello to anyone who reads this.  We are off on holidays, going south to Fletcherville for a few weeks.

About the no post’s (does anyone care!!), and to explain the hard drive situation. I had 2 x 250 gig external hard drives with thousands  of pictures on them. I upgraded to a 750gig ext HD and transferred everything onto it , with the idea of getting a second 750 HD and backing up to it , well getting the second HD didn’t happen in a hurry and the 6 month old LACIE 750 gig HD crashed taking everything with it.  I found someone to check it out and it seems that the data should be able to be recovered and I can get it back after the holiday, PHEW!!! thats a relief.  I’m not sure what any of you use for backup but have a good look at it and get a plan to double it up as the thought of losing all your work is not a good one , believe me.  Do a search on reliable External drives as well, as you get what you pay for. 

Anyway to the 2 readers of this, see you soon, I might even get a bit serious about posting when I get back and put up something worth while.


7 Responses to “Holidays and no post’s update.”

  1. I read it Merv, helps put me to sleep at night!

  2. eek! im scared now haha I only have the one HDD and I thought Lacie HDD were reliable!

  3. Always back up Merv …. Enjoy your trip south, be sure to post all the pics you take ..

  4. Michael said

    Hey Merv,

    Hope holidays went well. I know how you feel, my last flight was from Brisbane and they had a massive storm hit and my baggage was out on the tarmac??? got very wet, only 1 of HD`s memory is recoverable, still waiting to get it back from the shop.

  5. yeah I always thought they were pretty good too?
    definitely alot more cheaper ones out there!

    have a good trip!

  6. Dylan Fox said

    I back up on a 500g WD hardrive and a 1TB WD hardrive.

  7. matthewinman said

    Best way to keep data safe is to use a RAID Array. Good luck in getting your data back, that’s the downside with digital photography, the money you save on film and developing gets spend on HD’s and keeping your data safe.

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