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Hoodoo Guru’s

Posted by mervfrench on December 3, 2008

I did a shoot for the Hoodoo Guru’s on Saturday night ( anyone remember them ). These are taken with Canon 50mm 1.8 ( the plastic fantastic $100 lens ) and 24-70 2.8, no flash 1000 ISO.  The Hoodoo’s were great…..but you had to be there.HD4HD5HD6HD7

7 Responses to “Hoodoo Guru’s”

  1. love it Merv and welcome back. BTW the 5D had already gone when I rang up. Thanks for the tip anyway.

  2. Good work but where’s the bush photography???? 🙂

    That plastic fantastic lens is pretty cool I reckon, awesome f/1.8 sharp lens and cheap as chips!

  3. merv french said

    I’ll dig up some more bush shots as time permits.

    If you have a Canon you should just buy that 50m !.8 and keep it in the bag, you never know when it might come in handy.

  4. cool, look forward to some more bush shots.

    I already own the 50mm that’s why I spoke so highly of it, brilliant for indoor low light shots.

  5. Sean Stak said

    KICKASS. Love the drum kit… im a diehard drummer as well. Maybe you can take some shots at my world tour one day!

    Another good lens is the 35mm f2. Slightly more expensive but small n’ SHARP.

  6. jamiepatersonphotography said

    Uuum great shots and I wish I knew they were playing. I love the Hoodoos!!1 I went and saw them in 1985 when they played at the Entertainment Centre as part of their Stonage Romeos tour. Gangajang were also playing and I was introduced to my most favourite band in the whole world The Stems.

    Jamie Paterson

  7. Donelle said

    I love the Hoodoo’s they have played here in Bunbury quite a few times and they are always awesome!!!

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