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Sunset Without Water.

Posted by mervfrench on November 5, 2008



Sundown of Course

Sundown of Course

Took this shot rather quickly a couple of weeks ago. Driving along and thought it looked pretty good so snapped it. Just a quick crop and a minor levels adjustment that’s all that’s done to it. It’s come out ok I think seeing as it has had only 2 min spent on it ( and don’t say it looks like it either).


5 Responses to “Sunset Without Water.”

  1. nup

  2. mervfrench said

    Mmmmmm…..i see.

  3. merv french said

    Fletch…can you make your comments a bit shorter and more to the point.

  4. Sorry, have to agree with CF on this one, but the new header looks great.

  5. Dylan Fox said

    i nup from me too.
    way way to much silhouette foreground.
    I tend to hate silhouettes in general, but in this case that is a big black space.

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