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Sunset with Water

Posted by mervfrench on November 5, 2008

Taken from Cottesloe Beach earlier this year,again no processing to speak of ( I’m a no fuss kinda guy ) , crop and level the horizon in case Flemming happens to see it. 

Sailing Away

Sailing Away

This does look kinda cool when printed large.

6 Responses to “Sunset with Water”

  1. Another good couple of shots Merv! Two great sunsets – I really must get out and shoot more!!

  2. Merv, would look better with a sailing boat! not a sheep ship!!!

  3. Dylan Fox said

    to much black again mate! sorry

  4. mervfrench said

    Unfortunatly it shows up as black on here but it is in fact a deep orange reflection of the sky wiht the centre glow more pronounced, the blog does it no justice.

    I’m not saying it is a great picture but it does look much better printed. I’m just throwing things on here to keep it going, one day I’ll put up something decent. Time is the essence here, finding it is the problem.

  5. Nice level horizon mate, Fletch should hire you as levelling assistant 🙂

  6. chloë said

    the vibrant colour of the setting sun against that cloud formation is magical 🙂

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