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Something “NEW” from the Boat shed.

Posted by mervfrench on October 27, 2008

You’ve seen it a million times but ever wondered what the boat shed looks at everyday. Well here it is. I went down to the boat shed but there not much that hasn’t been done with this so I thought I’d try a new angle. Nothing fancy here, no photoshop, I would just like to show those that don’t know what”s in front.

10 Responses to “Something “NEW” from the Boat shed.”

  1. Merv – I love the composition, the jetty really focuses the eye on the neo-vernacular design of the exclusive and elegant dwellings on the foreshore. The saturation and the movement in the water are just simply sublime as with the tonal contrast which produces a sense of overall wellbeing.

    This is such a keeper and has certainly brought a smile to my face – cheers Merv

    How much for a signed print by the way?

  2. dylanfox said

    never even walked out on the jetty!
    most of the buildings are pretty bloody warped unfortunately…. was it a stitch?

  3. mervfrench said

    Thank’s Richard, that’s exactly what I thought about the picture …You know what they say “If you have to ask the price ,you can’t afford it”

    Dylan’s a wide angle, probably 10ml or close to it.

  4. Hazel said

    That made me smile Merv

  5. Great shot Merv, thanks very much for showing me what the boat shed looks at! I actually didn’t realise there were buildings etc and I’m amazed there aren’t 10 Perth photographers on shore shooting panoramas of the good ole boat shed 😀

  6. tonymiddleton said

    It’s great to see more of the location surrounding this much photographed spot ! thanks for the refreshing composition and view Merv !

  7. haha great idea Merv.
    had enough of that damn boatshed anyways 😛

  8. ps. love the header there!!

  9. merv french said

    thanks Stephen

  10. Terri said

    one of photography’s simple rules. Don’t forget to look behind you.
    Great shot of an iconic spot in Perth. I love the concept.

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