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Midnight on the DeGray River

Posted by mervfrench on October 25, 2008

Camped on the DeGray River out from Pt Hedland.

Exposure time, about 2 cans, seems to be about right. I used the 10-22m here hence the distortion.



5 Responses to “Midnight on the DeGray River”

  1. kirkhille said

    Nice long exposure again Merv ,
    Like the movment in the clouds youve captured

  2. I know you said that you were going to start having to paste some better things but that sky is just awesome! 15-love merv french!

    2 cans … it must have been windy – that’s about two and a half minutes isn’t it?

    Did you add any movement or is that all exposure?

  3. mervfrench said

    Thanks Richard. it’s all exposure, about 4.5 min, no wind on the ground but the clouds were moving nicely.

    Thinking back it was only 1 can this one.

  4. Sean Stak said

    i used to be obsessed with taking shots like this… this is great. your a legend at travel photography.

  5. Hazel said

    I love this country………..great shot.

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