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Greenhills Hotel.

Posted by mervfrench on October 23, 2008

Another HDR example. As I said I’m a 2 button man so if it doesn’t come up as anything straight away out she goes. I like this one and I’m going back to do it again, and take a little more care with the composition. Stopped here for a quick beer and took this quickly  as we were leaving. Next time  I’ll by the guy with truck a beer so he’ll shift it, and then he’ll buy me one so he can put it back again!!

Greenhills Pub

Greenhills Pub

6 Responses to “Greenhills Hotel.”

  1. jaynetaylor said

    Hi Merv,
    Your last couple of posts have really interting and I’m keen to give HDR a go now too. I’ve been trying to find an article about HDR in one of my older magazines.
    Do you give up your trade secrets Merv? Or should I keep looking for that mag?? 🙂

  2. merv french said

    Just looking at this pic and it looks very flat to what it should be. Anyone know how to give the shots a bit if bling on here,

  3. mervfrench said

    Hi Jayne. There’s no secret. i downloaded Photomatix Pro and just follow the destructions. You can play around with the image quite a bit in the program but I find if it comes straight up looking ok I’ll play around with it, it if looks like some sort of a Salvador Dali kind of thing out it goes.

    Gotta be simple for me I’m a no frills kinda guy.

  4. Like it Merv … talking of beer – I’m off to the pub, POETS day and all that!

  5. Merv HDR will look flat that is the nature of it. I’m not a fan of HDR. I find I put back the contrast the HDR takes out so I may as well have just shot a normal single image. Your colours are over cooked. I think this image would look better as a black and white. Getting better mate!

  6. mervfrench said

    Fletch …this image suppose to look overcooked it’s the nature of it. ( I learnt to reply like that from the Stackster.)

    To me this type of HDR is a fun thing , once in a while something will come up that takes your fancy and may look ok like this one, I like this one I think it has some merit ,the original looks much better on my screen than it does on the blog and it may end up going straight to the pool room.

    Nice of you to visit and I look forward to your comments in the future ,I must check your site again soon.

    By the way change of plan for PRA night I’m driving so forget the wine order more food!!

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