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The Lonely One

Posted by mervfrench on October 22, 2008

I’m just going thru a few pics everyday and throwing something on here to get it warmed up. This is a bit of playing around with HDR from a while back. Not sure if too many of you are into this sort of thing but it can sometimes work out ok and other times it just doesn’t cut it.

Anyone else tried HDR.


7 Responses to “The Lonely One”

  1. dylanfox said

    the HDR areas look pretty flat in this image….
    I have done a few but prefer to just add a overlay layer for a similar effect.
    Keep em comin!

  2. I must say I’ve never had a go. I do really like the bottom two thirds of this shot but it seems just a little too saturated from the branches up. Need to add HDR to the list as well as the star trails … when I get time and I’m not stuck in my office job!

  3. Sean Stak said

    No ive never tried HDR, i hardly know what it is and i really dont care… unless you can sum it up in under 20 words.
    This is a great shot. Bit harsh calling it loner though.

  4. mervfrench said

    Bloody hell Staky you’re a tough kid.

    Google HDR and you can sum it up in about 1,000,000 words, that’s your homework for the weekend!!

  5. mervfrench said

    Thanks for the comments everyone , some of them got lost in the spamalot section i’ll have to work that out.

    I was thinking that this blog is not getting through to anyone but I’m encoured by the respone’s now I’ve found them

    Matt I’ve only played around with HDR, I’m a 2 button fella, and some I like and some go straight to the tip.

    I’ll find another one and slide that up when time permits.

  6. kirkhille said

    I have done a fair bit of it when i first started to get a decent result you deffinatly need photomatix pro PS3 dosent even come close to the result photomatix can do . But i dont really do them any more its hard to get good result with natural looking landscape . I personally find they work well with man made structures etc which can look unnatural .

  7. mervfrench said

    Kirke I use Pmatix pro and it does a good job i think. I don’t do them very often but every now and then I see something that may work, but not many of them end up going straight to the Pool Room.

    It’s not for landscapes that’s for sure although you might just jag something.

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