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Stock Route Stars

Posted by mervfrench on October 21, 2008

Thought I’d better keep up with the others and post a star trail, can’t have C Fletcher having all the starlight.  This is on the Canning Stock Route earlier this year but it was a bit to moonlight and facing north both no no’s with star trails. The view south was not that good hence the north facing shot. The exposure time was about 2 cans from memory, that’s a technical term. (mental note …I must find out how to post these pictures properly.)


9 Responses to “Stock Route Stars”

  1. the star trails look great but that ute back camper looks fantastic, where did you get it ?

  2. Dylan Fox said

    NIce star trails but boring subject! haha

  3. mervfrench said

    Pete , the camper not only looks fantastic it is fantastic, one of the best you can buy and locally made which is good. The guy who makes them is a bit dodgey. but he does a good job.

    Dylan’s a memory shot, not a seller.

  4. Sean Stak said

    Yeah great shot. ya could enforce some CF-like editing and brighten up that foreground.

  5. I like it mate – I just need to get out of the city to get some shots like these!

  6. kirkhille said

    Nice to see your finally started your Blog Merv ,
    Im a bit late noticing it but .
    Nice star trail youv captured there , Also like the rig set up looks great for camping out to get them shots

  7. jamiepatersonphotography said

    Welcome aboard Merv!!!

  8. nup………….. focus Merv it is the thing that makes the image look sharp! Tee hee, geez I’m loving this blog!! I like the camper though. Keep it up Merv.

  9. mervfrench said

    Thanks Matt, it’s not milli second perfect but it’s not bad.

    The best thing about it is when you have to reshoot!!

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