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Here’s the first one.

Posted by mervfrench on October 17, 2008

Goin Nowhere

Goin Nowhere

Ok go on and rubbish my pictures I’ve asked for it.

NO hang on don’t rubbish them, give me some destructive criticism. 

I have no eye for anything and no style so what I see is what you get,some will be worse than others. 

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10 Responses to “Here’s the first one.”

  1. mervfrench said

    I’ve just had a look at my blog and it’s rubbish real bush photography….( mental note: I must go back to a Christian Fletcher course )

  2. Christian said

    predictable, stereotypical editing Merv…………. nup sorry.

    this is going to be fun!!!

  3. Christian said

    Merv what happened, did your car break down?

  4. Donelle said

    Wel, I like your style Merv!! Gotta love an old ford left out to rust!! My hubby would say its the only thing they are good for!! (read mad holden supporter!?!) I like the sky in this pic the clouds are really cool!!!

  5. mervfrench said

    Don’ tell your hubby Donelle but that” a HQ Holden.

    Fletch, if I came to another course could you rebuild that car to its “as new condition”.

  6. Donelle said

    Well, it was ctually my guess, so whoops on my behalf!!!! that will teach me to open my bug mouth wont it!! (umm actually probably not!! haha lol)

  7. Dylan Fox said

    Gotta love them old Q’s
    Saw some really amazing HQ’s last weekend!
    Get ready to cop it from Fletch!

  8. Hey, I thought I told you not take photos of my old Q. Just let her R.I.P.
    A great bit of Australiana repreesnted here.

  9. Christian said

    Hey Merv, with a bit of photoshop you too could be famous.

  10. damienjeffrey said

    Hi Merv, got some great light for this image, very australian outback!!!

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